Facebook advertiser privacy nightmare

Facebook has chosen to allow 3rd party advertisers to use of your uploaded pictures without permission as a default.  Basically this means that your face/avatar may show up in a singles ad on your friends pages.  It would have been nice if Facebook set the default to “no one” but they have chosen to enable this use of your photos by 3rd parties by default.

Managing your privacy on Facebook is a confusing difficult process and something you would do well to take a look at.  There is a good write up at mashable on this subject.

You can disable the advertisers use of your photos by logging into facebook and selecting Settings -> Privacy, then choose  News feed and Wall.  There are two tabs there select the Facebook Ads tab and select “no one” and click save.  Your photos will now not be shown in 3rd party ads.

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MyWebClip mini review and AppStore rating idiocy

Picture 8One of my favorite iPhone applications is MyWebClip from forYou inc.  It’s a bookmarklet aggregator as well as a quick dial application.  It’s a very nice way to link to frequently used web applications and I find it a lot easier having them all categorized in one place without having to dig through my screens for a specific icon.  It’s nice knowing all web applications are in one place.  I find it fast and very well written to act just like another screen of icons on your iPhone.  It gives me quick access to my home automation whic his web based, full screen weather maps from weather underground, google reader etc…  You manage it just like the regular iPhone application icons by touching and hold to bring up the X to delete items and you can add items by URL or by browsing and then adding like a bookmark to create an icon.  I have very few applications I use multiple times a day and this is one that I wouldn’t want to live without.

I got an upgrade today that had a few nice new features:

  • browse with google mobile proxy
  • shake for full screen view
  • numerous bug fixes

While I haven’t had much trouble with any bugs or crashes it’s nice to see them keeping up with some updates.  I was happy to get the update but I was disappointed to see a 17+ rating on this application when I installed it.  I would guess this is due to the application being able to access the web from inside of it but this is no different than safari which ships with every iPhone.  Should we restrict iTouch and iPhones to anyone over 17 due to them shipping with Safari?  There have been countless articles about the idiotic and inconsistent ratings of the AppStore but this is the first one I had personally experienced vs just reading about it so I thought it was worth a mention.  This application should be rated general for everyone and I feel like it got a bum rap with an adult rating.

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Griffin Clarifi iPhone Scratch Warning

I love my Griffin Clarifi, I’ve got about 8 iPhone cases and it’s by far my favorite one but I’ve recently acquired an inCase Power Slider so I removed my Clarifi for the first time in several months to put my iPhone into the Power Slider and I was disappointed to see that the Clarifi and given my iPhone a nice set of scratches.


You can see to the left of the lens in this picture (click for a bigger size) that the macro lens on the Clarifi sliding back and forth has put a nice set of scratches on my iPhone.  I’m sure that the Clarifi on a clean phone is fine and doesn’t lead to scratches but after a bit of time in and out of your pocket/purse your phone picks up some dust.  Since there is nothing between the sliding lens and the phone dust builds up in there and the sliding action plus the dust creates an ideal environment for scratches.  I’d like to see a future iteration of the Clarifi put a plastic shield between the sliding lens and the phone body to prevent the lens from sliding on the phone body.

Below is a picture of the inside of the case where you can see the sliding lens back exposed to the phone body.  As you move the lens back and forth that slides on or very near your iPhone body and small dust or dirt particles between it and your phone will create the scratches.  As I said above a thin layer of plastic and push the lens out slightly further from the phone would solve this.

Picture 4

At any rate I still love my Clarifi and have and will continue to recommend it to many people with this one caveat.


I got a response from Griffin via twitter which was a bit disappointing.  My other 8 cases haven’t scratched my phone after using them for a few months.  Anyway, I just wanted to include it here for reference sake.